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Hi I got up a little early today. Then i wrote a blog entry Valentine's Day and the Romantic Delusion I was in a quirky mood and that's what fell out.

I like it when I give personal experience better than the editorials. I really loathe my political diatribes, so most of them stay in my head, not even making it to my notebook or Scrivener. 

I quit volunteering at the library a couple of weeks ago. I'm still too close to the events to have an appraisal of what happened that is both fair to me and the emotions that went down.

Stimpy, my friend's cat, has taken over the sofa. Since Zorro doesn't want to get in a conflict, she's taken to sulking in my computer room. Tonight I found her on my heated cat bed aka laptop. She had managed to activate the accessibility features so it was talking to her about different ways that Windows could be more helpful.

Stimpy sleeping peacefully StimpyOnTheSofa small by SmilingY

Zorro sulking  ZorroAndStimpy small by SmilingY

There's plenty of bric-a-brac around her. lol

I was going to head up to Angola tonight. It was very foggy. I didn't want to take the interstate lest I end up in a fog-fueled multi-car wreck. I was going the back way and couldn't see the road very well and turned around. I might go up tomorrow.
My friend Arron is between apartments right now. He has a cute little cat Stimpy. I volunteered to do some cat sitting while the cat didn't have a place.

It was a gamble whether she would get along with my cat Zorro. On their first meeting, not so much. Zorro started growling and worse. Stimpy just walked away and didn't seem to even notice.

I haven't heard any growling for a little but, but I don't know yet whether Zorro is going to be very tolerant and mellow out.
I was talking to a friend tonight about a wide range of topics.  One that came up was the deep knowledge that search engines such as Google and vendors such as Amazon possesses. We talked about how Google Home and the Amazon Echo are big targets for malfeasants to compromise. 

It reminded me of my blog that I created during an independent study. I had hidden it for several months out of a sense of self-censorship. I guess talking to my friend about the issue encouraged me to reopen the blog. It had been mostly forgotten by google, but duckduckgo had not given up yet.
I just had DJ AppleJ Sound :icondj-applej-sound: design a new logo for Smiling Y.

I am very happy with it. He spent a lot of time helping come up with the best design. I felt he listened to my ideas and helped understand design considerations as well. That helped make a better result and we could explore some blind alleys before finding the final version.

He was really professional to deal with. It was both fun and productive.

If you need some design work done, consider him when you're deciding who to choose.

I got a call from a friend this morning. I took a second to get the gears turning when he asked a question. I haven't been back to bed so that's a minor accomplishment.

I've got my midi keyboard in the house. I don't know if I still have a power pack for it anymore. If I did, it's buried in my storage unit.  I've gotta get my house put back together so that I can empty the storage unit and quit paying for it.

I'm leaving in a minute for the gym.  I haven't been for a while... :( (Sad) 

[I had to write this so that I could keep up posting journals on the 28th]
I was really upset about my volunteer job.  I wrote a journal here about it, fortunately, my phone battery crashed before I was done.

I wrote an email about it. My college friend suggested that I put time into the equation, saying some wise friend had suggested that to him in a different circumstance. (I was the wise friend actually :) (Smile))  I waited and haven't send the message yet and it looks like I won't.

I'm not sure what I'll do though. I called off coming in all week to avoid the issue.

This was a good weekend. Went up to 22 Pearl street in Coldwater tonight with a friend. That was good. I might go to the gym early tomorrow. I've been putting it off for a long time and I really need the exercise to balance stress.

I broke this Thursday. I had my phone & computer off all day so that I could be alone. 

Maybe I'll even get the painting going tomorrow. I've got baseboard that I stripped before thanksgiving that needs primer. All ready for that; haven't done it yet.  Gotta pick a trim color too!
The Greatest Showman was awesome. If you don't know it's a musical, don't like singing and dancing, you'll be bitterly disappointed. The theater was full when we got there and about half full when we left... I suspect many people didn't know what they had signed up for when they bought the ticket.

It has one of the most awesome dance scenes in the middle. It took a lot of vertical thinking to choreograph something like that. Go see it. You'll know exactly what I mean.

It started strong and kept going on course. Someone sitting next to mom (we had to sit apart since we got there late) noticed that the singer sounded the same as a singer in Les Misérables. I confirmed it for mom and she let the couple know as they walked out.

I definitely don't regret choosing The Greatest Showman over Star Wars.

Then, when i got home, I watched Arrival. More awesome.  My nephew who works in the film industry suggested it to me after saying he was disappointed with Interstellar and suggesting it as an improvement. Definitely he was right. I'll say more about Arrival later.

Interstellar left an impression on me with the final scene of the one woman who ended up on a deserted planet at the end. *That* was heart wrenching to the 10th power. The rest of the movie was a good action film, but not very thought provoking or clever.  Instead, it had a __lot__ of deus ex machina work which weakens its impact.

The year is will be 2% over by morning. The millenium is just past 1.8% over.
I'm going tonight with my parents to see the greatest showman soon. First dinner.

Found a lot of new people in da this weekend.  Gave a gob of llamas.

I'm using the encircle app to inventory my house. I've got way more than I realized!
Christmas is over. My cousin is in town. I should go visit tomorrow. I was pretty much mister isolation today. I talked to Joel which was good. He suggested I go to a new years eve function in Hillsdale MI but I'm not enthused about it. I don't know what to talk about when I'm with people I just met. They don't really often want to talk about class inheritance and windows and linux installation issues.

I watched a video about longing-connected-presence that resonated pretty strongly. I didn't look at more videos by Dr. Neff but felt it an area to grow. I also watched a Nick Vujicic video which can be a pretty powerful reboot when you're feeling lost. 

I have a collection of about 25 different Bible translations. This month I realized that they aren't doing me any good on the shelf and started reading the Common English Bible translation. This volume in interesting because it includes apocrypha contained in the Roman Catholic Bible, and additionally the texts used by the Greek and Slavonic Churches which I didn't know about until I had this volume.

Certainly having many copies of the Bible won't make you spiritual... it's not something you can get from the aroma of the bindings. I've been on a journey on this issue and, fortunately, aren't ready to stop moving. My blog post "Don't Shoot the Message" is certainly relevant to where I am. [Just looked at google results vs. duckduckgo results. google's are crap. duckduckgo gets the information I asked for, not what google's algorithms think I meant.]

Feeling safe is really important to me. Some places feel safe than others. In front of my computer pretty safe; on LinkedIn, unsafe, Facebook, mortal danger, Stack exchange, keep your guard up, my poetry blog, safe enough, the thoughts blog, not too bad, the privacy blog, less safe. Whether it deserves it or not, deviantart feels safe. I don't put out drama and it doesn't come looking for me.

Two apps that I've recently installed are Encircle and SuperBetter. I need to memorize the Encircle password to finish documenting my house--for some reason it works out that when I'm ready to document things, it's night which is definitely not the best time for photography. SuperBetter I haven't logged in yet. 

Didn't mean for this journal to get so long. I went back and broke it up into more paragraphs.
Last night I made a mock-up of my bedroom and the office furniture I have.  

I was stuck and things that I wanted barely fit and it would be really cramped. My roommate had a suggestion to put one of the desks in the small closet and it made everything fit wonderfully. I measured and the desk will fit with less than an inch to spare if I put the desk parallel to the back wall. I haven't checked, but I think the closet is too narrow to put the desk in transversely.

This enhance layout had the advantage that it had a large part of a wall that was open. One of my goals of the new office setup is to be able to film videos there and that is just the place. 

I've got some electronics such as a digital keyboard that I can store in the closet and pull out when I want to use it.  Right now I don't have a PC-MIDI interface, but if it comes to that they're not that expensive.

I didn't lay out putting my stereo in the room.  I think it will fit -- possibly behind a door. One door goes into the bathroom, but there's another door in there as well, so I could even block that door and add a little bit of space for that too.

Share the hope,
My laundry room has a big shelving unit. It's covered with different things and very disorganized.

I started going thru many envelopes full of documents and discarding much and the rest, scanning and then discarding them as well.  There's all sorts of interesting documents in there. One surprise was that I was able to extended my gas-price graph a few months. When a computer crashed, I lost a lot of data, so there's a big gap. I found some of the data from that gap in the process.

I hope to surprise mom tomorrow and show up at their church.  I know how much she enjoys it when I do that. 

I've uploaded a couple of pictures of my bedroom in-progress.

My Linux box is working. If you follow my blog you'll know that I've been trying to figure out why the hard drive on my one computer is misbehaving. I thought simply replacing the part that was failing would be the end of the story. Unfortunately, I'm not so lucky because the new drive has the identical symptom to the previous.

The Linux box is supposed to help me test the drive and see what I find out with everything changed out.

Happy post-thanksgiving!
I must have never looked up. A few days ago I looked at the ceiling in my bathroom and was horrified to find it covered with spider webs.

I took them down as quick as I could.   

I'm having iFixit redo the walls in my bedroom. I can tell he wants the best result possible. There's places he points out shortcuts he could take, but is doing it the right way. I had him take off some trim, but found out today that he would have preferred to not have done that. I misunderstood what he was trying to tell me.

I'd been hearing dripping when it rains for a while but didn't know where. He's pretty sure he found it... there was a big pool of water that splashed out when he replaced some of the insulation. I hope he's got the right place identified.

I had the quickest workout of all time this afternoon. I went to the gym, walked back to the locker room and then went back to the car. I feel a little feverish and didn't feel like putting in the extra effort.

I'm stripping the paint off of some of the window and door trim. What a pain. I'm not looking forward to taking care of the baseboard and other parts of the trim once he's done. The corner blocks are a real pain to strip. I just bought some inexpensive toothbrushes because they're really helpful in cleaning up.

I'm not nearly as cheerful when I'm sick as I can be at other times. I might just roll back to bed when I get done with lunch.

Great news of the week is that I'm ok eating non-gluten free food. I just have to be careful to not eat too much of yummy stuff. I haven't used my breadmaker except to make gluten free bread, so now the playing field is wide open as to what I can make with it.
I'm stripping the paint from the trim. It is not going as easily as I had hoped. It depends a lot on how much Citristrip I use and Citristrip is not very effective on latex paint.  Gotta get back to it!

Google was offering topics that I would be interested in on my phone.  This suggestion was an option that I felt was really beyond the pale.

The message: "Georgia is going to execute an African-American, but don't worry, the weather is going to be warm this weekend."

Screenshot-Execution by SmilingY
Some might complain of the cool, drizzly weather today. Not me. It was in general, nice weather. I learned that I'm not as sensitive to the cold as I've made myself believe. I don't need to bundle up for a blizzard when it's 35°F out. Win!

It was 11:58 when I remembered I wanted to get some cash from the bank. I resigned myself to needing to wait until Monday, but then I checked; my bank closes at one on Saturday. Win!

I went to Kroger and bought some things I need and some things I didn't need (Isn't that what big grocery stores live for?) I bought some gatorade and another sports drink and some carbonated water that I like mixing together. Many fewer calories than Sprite and OJ. Win!

I did a gluten free experiment and had a nestle crunch (has malt). My definitely gluten free sister said, I should go big to test it out so, I got a donut. Haven't had any problems. Win!

I went to the gym. There was a meeting and dinner I could have gone to instead, but I didn't get out of the house in time. I decided the gym was more important. During the wedding trip, the house we stayed at had some steep stairs. I learned that walking up stairs doesn't hurt my hip. Walking on flat ground such as on a treadmill does. The Y has some nice long steps that I bound up and come back down several times at the start of my work out. That's been successful so far. Win!

I wrote a blog post… about my cooking fail today. I bought some cooking related icons. The image I bought from shutterstock has 100 different icons at a resolution that is convenient for adapting into graphics for the blog. The blog uses one. Win!

It's really nice here in NE Indiana today.

I went out to Home Depot to buy renovating supplies. I'm glad a friend was with me. He helped me save some money. I saw that one of the items I bought at Lowes was substantially more expensive at Home Depot, so I deferred on buying some more things that could wait.

I'm looking around at Saddle Point Systems about different binding machines. I think the ones I like best art the coil binding machines. Saddlepoint is a cool name because it's a mathematical term. Their logo shows a diagram of the mathematical shape.  They have all sorts of equipment in wide price ranges. I'm not confident I can justify the expense, so I'm waiting.

I have some poems that someone gave me quite a few years ago. I've never seen him since then and don't even remember his name. I'd like to share them but haven't.

I've taken a break from llama giving. If you give me one, I'll reciprocate, but it can be pretty compulsive. I didn't realize people pay to get lots of llamas. That seems like a waste of money, but so are cake badges, bow ties and sunglasses. I guess I don't understand.
Just got done with the wedding.  It was awesome.  My sister made me dance with her.  First time in for forever.

I was going to drive my uncle back from the party but his car was uncomfortable if only because I couldn't get the seat adjusted. So before it went too far, I followed my discomfort and asked him to take the wheel.  Noticing that I'm uncomfortable and then taking action about it is growth.

I texted a friend a little bit too honestly this morning so I apologised that I wasn't confident it was appropriate lol.

Some political comments are better left unpublished. I'd like to get better at presenting ideas as literature and fiction.  It's a classic way to express controversial idea. The good authors from the past can show their ideas in a subtle way that it takes open eyes to see the message.  I can hope to get there someday ... it'd be a nice challenge.
I'm working in a blog post praising I compare it to many other online dictionaries.

What I've concluded is the other dictionaries are really wannabe encyclopedias. They want to give as much details as possible instead of helping have a useable understanding.

I'm down in Indy for my nieces wedding.    Once she's married half of them will be married.  There is an extra benefit of the marriage which is that we won't have two Katie Bxxxxx in the family any more.  Her sister in law is also named Katie.

I haven't done much writing besides my journaling lately.  ... and software.  I brought with me some partly formed works.  The drawings I uploaded recently were from the same notebook.

I've sent a few more letters to friends recently.  I enjoy it.

Next week is Baha'u'llah's bicentennial of his birth. I haven't seen what the local Bahai community is doing. I haven't contacted them for a while to know.

I didn't want to microwave the expensive pre-prepped dinners I bought for my freezer. Last week I had cooked some ground turkey with pepper and onion. It was split into 3 in my freezer.

I had lots of fun making mac and cheese out of it. I took a package of sharp cheddar cheese and some soy milk and microwaved them into a nice cheese sauce. I heated up the meat and boiled some gluten free macaroni elbows. Poured them together and they were awesome.

I joked with a friend that I should start a new career as a professional mac & cheese chef.

The time at the library volunteer position is going well. The library is going to move it's adult collection & computers to a local strip mall. The genealogy library won't be open quite as many hours as before.

I got to talk to my sister about things after volunteering. I was hungry and went to the gym first instead of Jimmy John's. Glad I didn't go there because the mac and cheese was so much fun to make. I'm teasing myself that all I need now is an electric pasta cooker. 

A local store, Albright's is in Corunna. Every Saturday they have a really long line in the store for people to buy their meat. I understand that it's very good. They also have about 10 different  kinds of in-store made brats and a freezer full of dozens of kinds of fish. But, what interests me there is their cheese case. They have close to 100 different kinds of cheese. A lot of them are made by small manufacturers that you won't find in the local corporate grocery store. Some would be really good for mac and cheese!

I've talked about going to a local nursing home and offering to be a pen pal to some of the people living there, but I haven't done it. I talk about going to the local city council meeting to see what it's like, but I haven't done that either.

So, I've got a couple more meals of mac and cheese in my fridge waiting for me. I also have my delicacy... cottage cheese and crushed pineapple waiting for me.

Share the hope!

That was SCARY. I had an disallowed character in my title when I tried to submit and this whole journal entry disappeared! Fortunately "back" still had it stored.
Today is going well. I got more sleep last night.  Had trouble at first but turned up the heat to 70 and did better.

I'm looking forward to go to the Serenity House later.

I've been working on a program to calculate "Greibach Normal Form." I've been noodling around on miscellaneous stuff before I actually write the algorithm. Yesterday things got simplified a lot which was cool. I think noodling is a good way to put it... kind of like a jazz performer goofing around to get a good effect. The joy can be in the process.

I found I still have access to IUPUI's library which is nice. 

I come up with different blog article titles. I don't know that they are a good idea to write in actuality, they're more politicized than I want my blog to appear.
Bills-Quirky-Music-Volume2 by SmilingY
I haven't heard Life in a Northern Town for a while. BQM 2 got retired a few years ago.

"money you squeezed from the peasants" from CAKE was an amusing expression.